TankBag Launches Innovative Liner for ISO Tank Containers – Optimizes Fleet Utilization, Eliminates Prior Cargo Restrictions & Guarantees Product Integrity For Bulk Liquid Shippers

CLEVELAND, OH (March 31, 2016) – TankBagproudly announces the launch of its Single-Use Liner for ISO Tanks, providing an innovative solution for bulk liquid shippers & operators to optimize their fleet. TankBag for bulk liquid logistics eliminates prior cargo restrictions critical for product integrity and cleaning costs for tough to clean products.

Waldemar Finke, General Manager, TankBag (USA) LLC, further explains the new product’s benefits: “It’s becoming more and more difficult for operators to provide the right tank, in the right place.  TankBagprovides essentially a brand new tank for every load – meeting FOSFA, FDA, EU Food, and Kosher requirements, as well as sensitive pharmaceutical product requirements.  Further, it enables operators to have a clean tank available without expensive positioning, providing clean tanks in areas where cleaning is not an option, or where the cost of cleaning is prohibitive.  It will dramatically reduce the number of empty container transports while increasing fleet utilization.”


Innovation for Bulk Liquid Logistics

Fred Hunger, Chief Executive Officer, TankBag, elaborates on Finke’s statement, explaining: “TankBag is a game changer for ISO tank shippers, the operators, and the bulk liquid logistics industry as a whole.  We have examples where shippers utilizing IBC’s due to product integrity issues, can now realize the economies of scale achieved with ISO tanks.  So this innovation can also have the impact of expanding the ISO tank market.  All the strength and safety of an ISO Tank is now enhanced with TankBag – and is backed by the tested and proven approach of our R&D methodology and manufacturing process.”

Simple Process. Tested & Proven Results.

The TankBag liner is loaded and discharged by a pump using a loading hose through the manlid.  The simple loading process will be completed in 30-45 minutes. Discharging is straightforward and takes approximately the same amount of time.

The product is manufactured using a high-quality food-grade polyethylene, made from 100% virgin resin. The polypropylene valve, coupling and flanges are all made using proprietary molds by TankBag (USA) LLC. This innovative product provides all the strength and safety of an ISO Tank plus the tested and proven product safety of the TankBag.

TankBag ISO Tank liners are available immediately.

View product information and watch the demo video at www.TankBag.net.


About TankBag (USA) LLC.

TankBag offers an innovative solution for shippers of bulk liquids – a liner for ISO Tanks that eliminates prior cargo restrictions and difficult (and expensive) ISO Tank cleaning. TankBag turns every ISO Tank into a guaranteed FOSFA, FDA and EU food compliant and Kosher certified tank container. With TankBag, clean ISO Tanks are available even in the absence of tank cleaning facilities. It reduces the number of empty container transports, while optimizing ISO Tank fleet utilization. The product is manufactured using a high-quality food-grade polyethylene, made from 100% virgin resin. The polypropylene valve, coupling and flanges are made using proprietary molds by TankBag (USA) LLC. This allows the company to monitor production and deliver a superior product to the customer. For more information, please visit www.TankBag.net.

TankBag (USA) LLC is a subsidiary of World Shipping Inc., an industry leader since 1960 with over 55 years of market experience dedicated to providing innovative cargo transportation and freight services while delivering the highest level of customer service available in the industry. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, The World Group provides seamless end-to-end solutions with maximum control of the supply chain. For more information, please visit www.WorldShipping.com.


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World Shipping, Inc. - Vessel Operations - Great Lakes Vessel Agents - Canadian Vessel Agents

Transportation & Logistics International – Fall 2015 Cover Story – “End-to-End Service” World Shipping, Inc.

No matter where in the world a product or piece of machinery needs to go, World Shipping can get it there. “We’re a middle-market company that’s focused on high-service delivery to the discerning international shipper,” President and CEO Fred Hunger says.

World Shipping’s advantage in the logistics market stems from the ability to coordinate and connect its subsidiary companies, each of which specializes in aspects of the supply chain. “We tie together our assets, such as trucks, chassis, tank fleet, warehouses with our customs house brokerage, import/export teams, international offices and deep-sea operations. There’s virtually no international logistics move that we can’t solve or perform with our group,” Hunger explains.

The typical World Shipping customer is focused on manufacturing and marketing products and needs a partner to provide shipping solutions. “They’re relying on us to provide a global, effective distribution system for them,” Hunger says of clients. World Shipping’s subsidiaries have offices in more than a dozen countries, allowing the company to provide customers with a local structure and to work closely with manufacturing clients to lessen the time it takes to deliver a product to market. “Our company has a proud history of providing world-class customer service. We now look to build on that legacy with key investments in technology and skin in the game in terms of assets to service clients,” Hunger adds. “[We are] growing globally while maintaining our continued focus on service and quality.”

Fred Hunger’s father, Jack Hunger, founded World Shipping in 1960 following the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway the year before. The series of canals and locks made the Atlantic Ocean accessible to Great Lakes communities and provided business opportunities for logistics companies, such as World Shipping, to coordinate the rising delivery of goods to the region. By the 1960s, containers had become a more significant part of the shipping industry and World Shipping transitioned its business to liner agents for steam ships to enter the global trade market. “Over time we have grown strategically into a complete international logistics company,” Hunger says.

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World Shipping, Inc. - Vessel Operations - Great Lakes Vessel Agents - Canadian Vessel Agents

Local Veterans Honored by International Logistics Company, World Shipping, Inc.

CLEVELAND, OH (November 11th, 2015) – World Shipping, Inc. honored local veterans during a ceremony and celebration on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 11:00am. U.S Air Force veteran, Chris Castell, presented World Shipping, Inc. with the U.S flag he earned while serving oversees as Director of Supply Chain, Logistics & Operations. Castell served in the U.S Air Force for over 15 years before entering into a successful career in supply chain management and logistics, as a civilian. Castell now works for the Rocky River-based company as Director of Operations, North America at NewPort Tank Containers (A World Group Company).

“I am so proud to work for a company that is passionate about recognizing employees that have honorably served our country. Not all employers take the time to celebrate their teams. The fact that the World Shipping, Inc. does take the time to acknowledge our employee milestones, shows that we are a company that operates with integrity.”

John Hunger, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer for World Shipping, Inc. emphasized the importance of taking the time to honor employee veterans; “We as a company believe in the importance of showcasing the achievements of our employees. One of the greatest achievements that we’ve been able to identify, are the 27 individuals within our organization that are United States Veterans. These men and women have stood up for our country and have allowed us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today. The very minimum of what we can do is recognize them for their service.”


The veterans honored during the ceremony included:

  1. Russ Graef, ContainerPort Group, President
  2. Stephen Peters, ContainerPort Group, Recruiting Coordinator
  3. Randy Ross, ContainerPort Group, Network Engineer
  4. Fabian Negron, NewPort Tank Container, Customer Service Representative
  5. Scott Globokar, ContainerPort Group, Inspector
  6. Betty Knight, NewPort Tank Container, Customer Service Representative
  7. Robin Nelsen, UWL, Customer Service Representative

Not in attendance:

  • Shane Stoneburner, World Distribution Service, Supervisor
  • David Hertvik, UWL, Vice President, Finance

The timing of the ceremony was significant, as it represented the historical events that transpired causing Veterans Day to come into existence on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the month of 1918. Each employee veteran was given a Veterans Day pin so they could be visibly recognized for their dedication to their country and their company. Following the ceremony complimentary refreshments from The Manna food truck were provided for employees to enjoy.

About World Shipping, Inc.

Since 1960, World Shipping has been active in serving shippers and receivers of international cargo operating in multiple segments, including vessel agency operations, freight forwarding, ocean freight, trucking, rail operations, warehousing and distribution, bulk liquid international logistics, and customs clearance. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, The World Group companies include World Shipping, Inc., ContainerPort Group, UWL, World Distribution Services, and NewPort Tank Containers.

For more information, please visit www.worldshipping.com.